Blog #13 PCP versus a Spring Air Rifle

I must get at least 1 phone call a week asking about the advantages of PCP versus a spring powered air rifle that has prompted me to write this blog. It is just too easy to say, for example, “a PCP is the better alternative…”, as this is not necessarily accurate in terms of customer

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Blog #11 Air Rifle Scope Selection.

Selecting the correct air rifle for your needs is a headache in it’s own right, but choosing the correct scope is where a large number of mistakes are being made. This brief blog will hopefully give you some food for thought on the subject. In the excitement of purchasing a new air rifle the selection

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Blog #8 Air Rifle and Accessory Orders

My online ordering for air rifle accessories has had a few bumps in the road over the last few months, mainly due to orders being given verbally or via text and then not followed up with an email as requested. This has resulted in orders falling through the cracks. Then there is my existing system

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