January 2017 Newsletter

Air Rifle News. Hi guys, my air rifle Newsletters have been sporadic at best but this will change as you will read further down. This year will see several new guns coming onto the market through Gun Room as these are getting better by the year and I will mention some of them here to

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The Brocock Bantam PCP Range.

Following the introduction of the Brocock Compatto into Australia, they have now followed up with the Brocock Bantam in a number of different power and air cylinder packages and a choice of wood or synthetic on a new design of their ladder frame stock. At the time of writing this, December 19, 2016, I have

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December 2016 Newsletter

Brocock, Daystate and MTC Agencies. Hi once again Guys, just so you know, Brocock, Daystate and MTC sales and comprehensive field testing are responsible for the gap between Newsletters and I more than anyone am well aware of this. Firstly my workload is extreme to put it mildly and I find myself working 7 days

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