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Stockists of MTC Scopes in Australia

The Gunroom is proud to stock a diverse range of scopes from acclaimed scope manufacturer MTC Optics. MTC OPTICS is a UK-based producer of first-rate riflescopes and a variety of other excellent optical products. MTCs reputation as one of the premiere suppliers of scopes to the world is a result of close to a decade supplying some of the highest quality scopes in the world backed up by excellent customer service.

MTC supply scopes to address every kind of shooting style possible, such as hunting, target practice, competition use, and professional pest control. No matter the MTC scope you choose, you can be assured they contain some of the recent technological advancements in the world.

Scopes for every shooting style

The GENESIS scope from MTC is one of highest-performing riflescope produced in the world, with precision manufacturing in Korea producing fantastic optics, 5-20x zoom and 50mm objective lens. There is also the Pro Series, boasting magnetic covers, 2x magnifying turret window, and six times magnification range in a package much more affordable than equivalent models on the market.

MTC are also exceptional producers of rangefinders – these MTC rangefinders allow for incredible accuracy (±1 accuracy) in targets over 1200 metres away, and perfectly complement the scopes produced by MTC.

Have any questions for us about MTC scopes?

If you’re looking to purchase a scope and are unsure about which one is the right choice for you, get in touch with myself or my team – we’d be very happy to answer any questions you might have and make a suitable recommendation to suit your circumstances. Alternatively, you can start filling in an order form today.

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