Weihrauch HW95 Beech Stock Steel Sights .22 Cal




The Weihrauch HW95 Mid Range Air Rifle.

In the mid range “springers” we have the Weihrauch HW95 in .177 and .22 only. They are available in other calibres but on order only as this model is seldom imported. The HW95 is an excellent break barrel air rifle that is larger than the HW50 break barrel and obviously shorter and smaller than the HW80K. It is also a lighter rifle than the HW77K and HW97K under lever action, giving this a unique place in the Weihrauch line-up. Well suited for vermin control up to Rabbits with the .22 cal.

This Weihrauch HW95 is a beautifully balanced and well designed air rifle that is very popular in the UK but less so here at Gun Room in Australia for some reason or other. It comes standard with steel sights and will accept a 32 or 40mm aperture scopes with ease from the Hawke Airmax or Leapers range of scopes that we stock.

As this Weihrauch HW95 lacks the power of a larger hunting air rifle, it can definitely make its mark with accuracy and so can be considered as a field gun for rabbits. To get this accuracy it is the same old story, pellet selection is the key. Without using the optimum air rifle pellets in this air gun you are wasting accuracy and no doubt probably blaming the gun. Set it up with a matching scope and as a pellet selected air rifle, the Weihrauch HW95 will not let you down on quality, performance and handling.

Calibre .177 and .22 Cocking Break-Barrel
Magazine Capacity Single Shot Power-plant Spring & Seal
Length Overall 42.32” / 10.75 cm Barrel Length 16.1” / 41.0 cm
Weight 7.49 lbs / 3.4 kg Safety Automatic
Sights Steel Sights Trigger “Rekord” Trigger
Stock Beechwood Style Sporter
Butt Plate Rubber fixed

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.177 cal, .22 cal


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