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2487 JSB Jumbo Exact Monster .22

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My favourite heavy pellet in .22, the JSB Exact Jumbo Monster.

Looking for a heavy air rifle pellet that will buck windy conditions, light foliage and still deliver plenty of shock power, then take a good look at the JSB Exact Jumbo Monster. This heavyweight pellet has a weight of 25.4gr and head diameter of 5.52 and I use it personally at Gun Room when testing most air rifles as it can be counted on to shoot straight, regardless of conditions and always excels itself.

With a pellet that weighs 25.4gr you will need a minimum muzzle velocity of 12Fpe as this pellet suffers from trajectory drop that you will need to accommodate using Mil Dots or software.

I think this is the ultimate hunting pellet for me while some of my customers use these pellets on a professional basis in controlling vermin. Having taken foxes, feral cats and rabbits with a Weihrauch HW100T using the JSB Exact Jumbo Monster I can attest to its awesome stopping power.

When in the bush there are many instances where you cannot get a clear shot as your quarry is partially obscured by grass, small brush and the like. With a pellet weighing any less this is usually enough to spoil the shot as the projectile has a somewhat diminished energy at range. Do the same shot with a JSB Exact Jumbo Monster with its massive down range energy and light foliage has no, if little effect on the shot. This pellet will also handle high powered PCPs like the AirForce Condor with a muzzle energy in excess of 80Fpe.

Do not make the mistake that is often made with the JSB Exact Jumbo Monster, and that is to compare its energy at the muzzle to that of another (lighter) pellet’s muzzle energy. Down range the lighter pellet soon sheds any energy advantage it holds at the muzzle to the heavier pellet that stores more kinetic energy. You can download some Ballistic Software for free under Store/Downloads where you will see BRC and Chairgun software.

Price: $19.80 per tin of 200.

1 review for 2487 JSB Jumbo Exact Monster .22

  1. 5 out of 5

    Unbelievable accuracy. At 10 metres the pellet hits the same hole time and time again. At 30 metres all pellets hit consistently within 10 mm group. Fired from a Weihrauch HW 100. Rifle positioned on bench rest with bipods.
    Expansion and penetration tests were excellent. Punched through a 170mm block of modelling clay. Entry hole 40mm, exit 15mm. Chrony reading a string of 13 shots at 672 feet/second average. Equates to 25.48 foot/pounds of energy.Highly recommended pellet.

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