Q&A: Ordering Parts

Ordering Parts.

Q: Can I order parts for a Weihrauch from you and what is the procedure?

A: I can order in what you need based on your enquiry, however, there are some caveats:

  1. If the parts come in from overseas, you will need to pay for them in advance and
    then pay the freight/customs/taxes etc. once the parts arrive prior to delivery.
    done that and have been stuck with crap I do not want or need.
  2. For parts purchased within Australia there is a 10% restocking fee and freight
    charges on any parts returned.
  3. Do not use part numbers obtained from overseas parts catalogues as some of
    these are region orientated and do not fit the FAC versions of Weihrauchs
    imported into Australia.
  4. Make sure that you actually want and need the parts before you order them to
    save any drama.

Q: How long does it take to get in parts or accessories?

A: There is NO set time frame I am afraid.

  1. Expect goods to take a long time over the Xmas period.
  2. Goods coming from the UK generally take 10 – 15 days from WHEN THEY ARE
    SENT, NOT from when I order them. Air Rifle parts are notoriously difficult to
    procure per complete order (that is, when a number of parts are ordered to
    facilitate a repair, I request that they NOT be sent until the complete order is on
    hand, enabling the repair to be completed). This also saves on freight; as parts
    coming over in dribs and drabs will blow out cost wise while the repair cannot be
    completed until all parts are on hand.
  3. Tuning parts are built to order and can take months to get made and sent over