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August Newsletter 2014-08-31

Weihrauch Sales.

Well guys, Weihrauch sales are very good at the moment which is a bonus for us all as I have pretty good stocks at present. However, I am hearing down the grapevine that Weihrauch only want to ship to Australia twice a year…hmmm…. It seems to me that we are at the lower end of the food chain when it comes to getting stock of any kind for just about anything you want to name.

I have had several Weihrauch models on order for 18 months now and there is no telling whether they will be here in October’s shipment. Just a “wait and see”. In fact, I am concerned that there will actually be a shipment in October as I need some stock for the Gun Show in early December.

Presently I have every Weihrauch model that is imported except the HW100K (which is STILL on backorder) and the HW100T that I have sold out off these last few weeks. I only have 2 x HW100S in stock as these HW100 models have really taken off just lately.


Texting me.

Guys, I get texts and phone calls all day long about pricing, tuning, parts etc., and as a result I sometimes lose the thread with some enquiries – actually I loose the thread most times… ☺ . Talking on the phone while I am out results in no notes being taken while driving and as most calls are very similar I quite often don’t get back to the enquirer. Apologies. Please email me (where possible) any enquiries and I will call you whereby I can take notes and then follow up.

As I am trading on my own here I don’t have a problem if you call or email me with a “rev up” to get back to you. Crazy as it is, I work 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 8:00pm WST and I am always chasing my tail. A lot of my time is wasted reading / answering emails, chasing up parts, scopes, back orders etc, all of which are becoming a real nightmare: as these supplies that are held up are holding me up and I in turn am holding you guys up.


Weihrauch Tuning to the next level.

Can’t believe the damn weather here, pissing down with rain for weeks now. When I do get a sunny day I have other stuff that needs doing apart from testing and tuning. As a result I am limiting taking on full tunes until the beginning of October as the weather should be better by then. Of course, if you don’t mind waiting, I may be able to fully tune and test your gun in the meantime but be warned, I am 3 weeks behind with testing.

Further to that, putting results into the computer is taking a while and I am pushing hard to finish off some results so I can publish my reviews of the HW77, HW77K and HW97K. Within a month I should have the 3 new reviews up with results, hopefully.


V-Mach Parts.

I have had orders with V-Mach since May and the order in question was damaged at the coaters and we have replacements being made as I write this. They will be going to the Blackers on Thursday, September 3, and hopefully into stock within 2 weeks. This order includes Race Brakes that are on order for new Weihrauchs sitting here.

Talking of Race Brakes, V-Mach are looking at making the 9 different styles of Race Brakes to my drawings and I hope to have a date for their supply within a week or two.


New Stock for Weihrauch HW77/ HW77K / HW97K / HW100 / HW100K.

As most of you know, Weihrauch have introduced a laminated stock and a synthetic one for the HW100 though we might not see them this year. I have been working on a new stock that I will reproduce with the new Clone 4D duplicating machine when it gets here on the new date of February 2015, that was bought about because I upgraded my order to the better machine.

This stock I have designated GR1 for our book-keeping and marketing and will be available for the Weihrauch HW77/97 and HW100 series air rifles. For those of you who have enquired, this stock will be available as follows:

  • Custom Timber types such a Woody Pear through to Beech, oiled or clear coated in matte, semi or full gloss.
  • Beech or similar, available painted in any colours from white to black or camo.
  • 12 different laminate colours


These laminates above are from Finland.
These 4 laminates are from the USA.

Weihrauch Stock Options.

The new stock I am building for reproducing in wood and laminates can be seen here below under construction. I will be supplying the finished stock as an alternative on the HW77, HW77K, HW100 and HW100K for new buys or as a ‘stock only’ on retro fits.


I should have 3 different stocks ready for duplicating by the time the Clone 4D gets here and will give priority and discounts to those of you who are my established customers or have purchased a rifle off me in the past.

The GR1 will be available in 3 versions:

  1. The GR1-Lite version similar to the image above made using a light timber with butt lightening hollows and hollow grip.
  1. The GR1-FT version for the Field Target guys. This will have an adjustable Cheek weld, adjustable Hamster and adjustable Butt-plate.
  1. The GR1- Custom will have a customised trigger to butt-plate length to order and optional adjustable accessories.

We will be testing this stock within 2 weeks and probably be making some small (hopefully only small) changes to improve it.

I will be able to copy anyone else’s stock if they send it to me in any of the laminates or wood that I will be using, or your own wood if you have a blank.

Hawke Scopes.

Hawke Scopes have let me down with nil stock of the HK3019 which is my biggest seller. For those of you who have ordered this scope, please note that Hawke’s have sent me the HK3018 which is still an illuminated reticle but without the Adjustable Objective. I will supply your rifles with this scope and when the new stock of HK3019 scopes comes in (late September) I will send them out to you with a pre paid air bag so you can send the 3018 back to me. Hopefully you can live with that as it should only be a few weeks.

The Airmax 30 Hawke Scopes on back order are now available for Australia even though they came out in Europe exactly a year ago. Anyone looking at buying one, please drop me an email as I have some back orders here to go out.

The brochure for the Airmax 30 is available here.

TOTALLY Weihrauch.

I am quitting ALL my hand guns, high powered rifles (new and used) and Cometa air rifles so that I only stock Weihrauch air rifles and Weihrauch Rimfire rifles. So any of you guys that are in a gun club, I would really appreciate it if you would download and print this For Sale brochure and put it on your Club’s notice board. Thanks.

I am converting my existing hand gun/rifle stock into Weihrauch air rifles, custom rifle stocks, V-Mach tuning accessories, after market accessories, Hawke scopes, Wilkins Pouches and Pellets. That is plenty enough for me as tuning takes up a lot of my time together with repairs and with my stock duplicating machine due now in February, my plate is full.

I have a new Sea Container that I will be fitting into my garage (sort of, as it is 9ft 6inches tall….) and that will allow me to carry up to 120+ Weihrauchs actually in stock (presently around 60+), with a good number of them being customised air rifles and on custom stocks.

Weihrauch Myths.

I have had several conversations with guys over the past few months as to the lifetime of a Weihrauch main spring. The story going around the traps that was started by some clown is that the Weihrauch main spring is only good for 3000 pellets. WTF? Who is the Richard Cranium spreading this crap? To save me arguing out the facts I have the following points.

For those of you who are not convinced let me share this with you:

  1. There are a lot more components to wear out before the spring does, with the Seal being one of them.
  1. I sold a Gecado (pronounced Gee – car – doe and not like one guy said to me the other day “Geh-cacado”….LoL) that I had for 25 years or so that shot 10’s of thousands of pellets and still had the same main spring but had gone through 3 leather washers. As a kid my dad used to limit me to a tin a day of pellets, that is 300 pellets a day during my school holidays plus a maximum of 1 tin a week after school. 300 pellets to the tin. Do the maths. Nothing was sacred to me as a kid with that air rifle in Mombasa, Kenya and my ears are still ringing as a result.
  1. Spring technology in a Weihrauch and a V-Mach is way ahead of what was in my Gecado in 1958 and if the Gecado can put away all those pellets, why not a Weihrauch?
  1. Spring longevity in an air rifle is dependent on a number of factors:
  • How many times it is compressed.
  • How long it is left in a state of compression.
  • The lubricant quality and cleanliness surrounding the spring.
  • The fit of the spring with regards to wall clearance.
  • The pre-compression of the spring.
  • The frequency of cleaning and lubricating it – to limit rust and surface degradation of the spring.
  1. Most important of these is the state of cleanliness of both the spring and the piston. Grab a look at this image below, it came from a Russian Vostok air rifle that had suffered from the lack of servicing to the extent it was pretty well gummed up with crap. This crap is basically dirt, dust, hair, fibres, contaminated grease/oil and sand that has migrated into the mechanism and become adhered to the existing spring and piston lubricant. Over time this has hardened and oxidized to the extent that it had to be removed with a bench wire buff machine. My customer purchased it second hand and was unaware of the internal condition.



  1. Getting back onto spring compressions. If a Weihrauch main spring only lasted 3,000 compressions, then the cars we are driving wouldn’t get us to K-Mart and home before the valve springs wore out. Think it through.
  • One of my cars used to do 20,000 Klicks a year driven daily by my wife (night shift nurse) and myself during the day.
  • Let’s say for argument sake that the car averaged 2500 rpm when it was running. This is conservative as it was red lined at 6000 rpm and I used to really cane it.
  • So 20,000 Klicks divided by 40 kilometres an hour (very conservative again) equals 500 hours of driving per year. Multiply that by 60 to convert it to minutes of driving and you have 30,000 minutes @ 2500 revs per minute. This is 75,000,000 revs per year and as the car is a 4 stroke, the valve springs only get compressed once every 2 revolutions so we can divide the 75 million by 2= 37,500,000 spring compressions per year minimum. The car has done 320,000 Klicks now so the valve springs have been compressed 320,000/20,000=16 x 37,500,000=600 million compressions. The valve springs have operated through changing temperatures and been subjected to hours in a compressed state both hot and cold (when the car as not running) which is a lot more rigorous regime for a spring than the Weihrauch main spring. The car is still running. I think my point has been made.


Oil should be put into the chamber.

I have serviced several air rifles lately that have been subjected to ‘dieseling’ which is the pre-combustion of oil or grease in the compression chamber of the air rifle.

Apparently there are those about who advocate a few drops of oil into the combustion chamber prior to using the gun. Well, doing that will only raise the combustion chamber pressures and temperatures to the point that your seal will be short lived. I get this on a regular basis and can attest to the fact that NO oil or grease should be in front of the seal.

I have noticed however, that even with new Weihrauchs there is quite often a small amount of grease evident in front of the seal. This is residual and has migrated there through the slamming effect of the piston into the chamber wall. It can also be a result of over lubricating the spring and piston.

In some leather sealed air guns where the seals have dried out or are quite worn, a high flash point oil such as a turbine oil, can help lubricate and seal the leather in the short term. Continued use will lead to problems and early failure.

There is only one remedy and that is regular servicing of your air rifle dependent on the amount of use and keeping it clean and oiled.

For some reason a lot of air rifles are not subjected to the same care as high powered rifles and this has been to their detriment. Dirt, dust, fibres and moisture are the big enemies and for this reason you should carry your air rifle about in a soft carry case rather than in the boot or the back of a Ute. The best carry case is one with a Nylon inner cushion rather than a lambs wool inner which can carry dirt in the wool fibres and can also loose wool fibres into the lubricated spring area.

You had better believe it that the lubricated spring and piston pick up loose air-borne fibres and dust, I see it on a regular basis.

As for servicing your Weihrauch, you can do it yourself or send it to a gunsmith with air rifle experience. If you choose to do it yourself, and if you haven’t done it before, text me and I will call you back and talk you through the process on my dime and advise you on what tooling you should have on hand and talk you through step by step. No cost.


The Future.

Most of my experience is on springers with only a few Weihrauch HW100 re-seal jobs so far. I am now tooling up for the HW100 and will be able to supply quite a bit of after-market gear for those of you looking at improving your PCP or just adding Bling.

These will include custom stocks (as above), re-barrelling, different triggers, adjustable regulators, air strippers in several different formats and materials, air shredders and cosmetic shrouds. I will also be doing some serious target shooting and tuning to be able to improve what is presently a really good air rifle anyway.

That is not to say I am finished with Springers, hardly as there is still plenty of room for improvement and a lot more after market bling available for these air rifles.


New Weihrauchs.

I am told that ALL new Weihrauchs coming into Australia will be devoid of their cosmetic shrouds, that is not only the Weihrauch HW97K but ALL HW100 series air rifles.

As a result I have designed 9 different Race Brake & Shroud assemblies on AutoCAD with some incorporating air shredding vents and others not. There is a ‘look-alike’ cosmetic shroud without any vents that will convert the HW77K into a W97K look-alike but only 75mm longer (the HW77K has a 75mm longer barrel than the HW97K). Presently the Race Brakes add around 220mm to the overall length so the short version will be a welcome addition to those of you who want the shorter air rifle. There is also a short version Race Brake with air shredding vents.

Some are to be made in steel while others in aluminium so I should be able to fit a Race Brake on ANY Weihrauch including the HW100 within 6 weeks allowing for transport etc.

Please NOTE that these new Race Brakes/Shrouds etc, will NOT be able to be unscrewed and be modified for noise reduction. When I supply them they will be a one piece unit that can’t be serviced or ‘screwed’ with (I was going to say something else here…). I have to go this way guys as the Police/Customs are sure to crack down on me and the only saving grace is to have the units as described. Not really my call.

OK that is it before I put you to sleep. Feel free to email me with anything specific you want me to cover and I will do my best to accommodate you.

That is it for you Weihrauch guys and I will catch you next month unless of course you contact me and ‘rev me up’ about something I haven’t done yet.