Unlicensed Firearms/Infringements

Under Section 19 (1) of the Firearms Act 1973 it is an it is an offence to be in possession of unlicensed firearms:

  • Where an FAL holder’s licence has expired by 3 months or more, an infringement notice will be personally issued by Police.
  • A renewal notice will be included in service and you must renew this as soon as possible.
  • If the infringement notice is not paid within 28 days you may be charged with an offence under Section 19 (1) of the Firearms Act 1973.
  • Your firearms may also be seized after this time if you have not paid your renewal.
  • Should you not wish to renew your license, you may legally dispose or have your firearm destroyed by completing an authority to destroy by police.

Deceased Firearms

Where a deceased firearm licence holder is the sole or primary holder of licensed firearm/s, the Executor or Administrator of the Estate must hand the firearm/s into a local police station or to the co-licensee for safe-keeping pending the finalisation of the Estate.

The executor or administrator of an estate should advise Licensing Services (Firearms) in writing at Locked Bag 9 East Perth 6892 or by email:

  • The full name and contact details for the executor or administrator of the estate;
  • The full name and date of birth of the deceased licence holder;
  • The deceased’s Firearm Licence Number and Firearm/s (if known); and
  • The name of any co-licensee and details of any firearm/s in possession of that person/s (if known).

The executor must advise what is to happen with the firearm/s, be it disposal to a firearm dealer or other licensed person, forfeiture of the firearm for destruction or held pending outcome of the estate.

Note: The executor of an estate must not retain possession of the firearm/s unless he/she is co-licensed to possess the firearm/s.


Source: Western Australia Police