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December 2016 Newsletter

Brocock, Daystate and MTC Agencies.

Hi once again Guys, just so you know, Brocock, Daystate and MTC sales and comprehensive field testing are responsible for the gap between Newsletters and I more than anyone am well aware of this.

Firstly my workload is extreme to put it mildly and I find myself working 7 days and most hours just to keep up with running this on my own. Hiring help is not an option right now as the cost of doing so is prohibitive given the margins and I would end up working for bugger all – worse than now.

My website, articles and online accounting/inventory I would like bought up to speed and this would allow me more time for Newsletters, researching products and testing. What I will be doing in this newsletter is offering you Subscribers several discounts on new Products prior to them coming on line.

New Products.

Firstly, I have just started bringing in HUMA Regulators and they are made for all kinds of makes of PCP air rifles as you can see on their website here. I currently have Regulators for the Compattos that I will be testing in the weeks to come and you will see the results online when finished. I am also going to stock the Huma Regulators for Daystate PCP air rifles where they are available. Those of you who own other makes and models other than what I stock or sell, feel free to let me buy them in for you. Their price list will be online in the next week or so. As Subscribers I will offer you a 10% Discount and Express Post free Australia wide, even if I have to buy in a special order for another brand.

Huma PCP Regulators

Huma Regulators for the Brocock Compatto

Next issue is pellets. I am having problems getting JSB pellets as the wholesaler has run out and now has issues with his supplier so there may be some time before I can get them locally (eastern states). As a result I am buying in quite a few different pellets, JSB included, from the USA and UK and they are coming in by Air so the prices will reflect this.

On the flip side however, H&N Pellets are expected to arrive at the wholesalers on December 6 and I should get my Gun Room stock order a week later, including H&N in 25 Cal where I have been short. If you are one of the guys who has been held up for pellets, I will send them Express Post free and with a 10% discount.


The Compatto testing has uncovered some interesting aspects of variable power settings that you will be able to view in full (4 Part article) within 2 weeks. Presently there are 2 parts online at time of writing this.

The Brocock is proving to be very popular and I have another 10 coming in today by air that should be cleared by the 6th. It looks like they are nearly all sold too and another order is going in next week that will see more Compatto PCPs arriving in 2-3 weeks from now.

I have started testing the .25 Compatto and the results will be going into the review of the .25 followed by a review of the .177.

Also under test right now are the Huntsman PCPs in .22 and .25 with results in but yet to go online. The Daystate Griffin is being tested at present in .22 cal so you can gauge by this that Pete and I are busy testing and putting data into articles.

Clone 4D Stock Duplicator.

As you guys know I purchased a brand new Clone 4D from the UK for $14K landed here over a year ago. Well no prizes for what is coming next: I do not have the time to duplicate any stocks and so I sent the machine over to a customer of mine who has machined out 16 Blank stocks for me; for use at shows demonstrating scopes only. I have only managed to dress up 8 of them with the rest just sitting here in the office.

Clone 4D Duplicator

Clone 4D Stock Duplicator

Results are that I am now going to sell the Clone 4D to anyone who wishes to get into the stock building business and has more time than myself. I am open to offers. So far, this is the first time this has been mentioned and I will put up an advert on my site in a week or so. If you or any of your friends may be interested in the machine, please call me directly on 0421 733 818.

Existing Air Rifle Inventory.

Since I have taken on the brands MTC, Daystate and Brocock for Australia I am letting my slower inventory go at reduced prices and this includes the following if you are interested and want to save a Dollar:


Cometa Fusion .177 and .22

Cometa Galaxy .177 and .22

Cometa 400 .177 and .22



Cometa Lynx .22

Cometa Orion .25

AirForce Texan .45

Other brands of PCPs and Springers.

I am bringing in Sam Yang Recluses (.357) and AirForce Texans (.357) over the next 2 weeks on special orders for Customers. Basically guys, if you find an air rifle on Air Venturi in the USA, I can bring it in for you as I have an account with them. Preferably a Big Bore PCP or Springers as long as the rifle does not compete directly with Daystate such as Air Arms or FX. Better off sticking to AirForce, Sam Yang, Eun Jin, Hatsan, Evanix and Benjamin PCPs and any springers.

I am not stocking AirForce anymore due to availability of parts, or should I say unavailability of parts and long delays in getting stock from the Australian Wholesaler. Benjamin and Evanix same story, same wholesaler.

Future Air Rifle Inventory.

The following PCP and Spring Air Rifles will be supported:-

Brocock Compatto.

As the Brocock Compatto is proving very popular I shall continue to hold stocks of them in .177, .22 and .25 Cal.

Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto with Hawke ED Sidewinder Scope

Daystate Griffin.

I will continue to stock the Daystate Griffin in both .177 and .22 for those of you looking for an absolutely brilliant PCP air rifle that shoots as well as it looks with 40 Fpe of power in .22.

Daystate Griffin PCP

Daystate Griffin in .22

Daystate Huntsman.

This is a very popular PCP rifle that competes head to head with the Weihrauch HW100 in price and performance and comes with 3 calibres compared to the HW100’s 2 calibres. The Huntsman also has a FAC power of 40 Fpe for those of you into Hunting. I will continue to stock this model.

Daystate Huntsman

Daystate Huntsman PCP

Daystate Air Ranger.

This is a quality hunting PCP air rifle with power outputs of 60 Fpe in .22 and 70 Fpe in .25 calibre that has just come into stock. It is scheduled to be tested in mid December and will be held in .22 and .25 FAC high powers only.

Daystate Ranger

Daystate Air Ranger

Daystate Pulsar and Renegade.

As these out-dated and antiquated Firearms Laws stand in WA, I am not allowed to licence a Bullpup air rifle, nor am I allowed to stock one for sale over east. I can however, import one if it has already been sold: this is bullshit at its deepest.

Daystate Pulsar

Daystate Pulsar

Anyway, I have a Pulsar here now that has been sold to a customer in the eastern states so we will be testing this quickly prior to sending it over. I am going to apply for a special dispensation to allow me to hold the Pulsar/Renegade Bullpups as I am a wholesaler and expected to have the guns in stock. Wish me luck.

Daystate Tsar.

I am going to hold 1 of these Tsar PCPs at least, if not to sell at least as a talking point. This was designed in co-operation with a Russian company (hence the name I guess) and so I think we can expect pure accuracy from this beast.

Daystate Tsar

Daystate Tsar

Daystate Wolverines.

The Wolverine line includes the Wolverine C and the Wolverine 303, both of which I want to stock. However, they will not be available until the new year. The Wolverine 303 comes in .30 calibre for those of you who are into big bore PCPs.

Wolverine C

Wolverine C

Wolverine 303

Wolverine 303

Importing Guns.

Importing guns, even air rifles, is a nightmare guys. You need a broker to make things go according to plan and once in the country, you have to then get them through Customs, aka Border Protection. There are fees for every damn thing and you need deep pockets.

As you know, I don’t spare the barbs when criticising the Police involved in approvals here in WA so I am going to give you my opinion of the Customs guy here who does the gun inspections.

Definitely not out of the same mold; he is polite, approachable, knows his guns and law and makes every effort to assist you in getting over the hurdles, including getting his hands dirty. So much better than dealing with his counterpart in the Police, (incidentally he has since left), who used to start off a conversation with “no!”. I think that covers it.


By decreasing the range of my inventory to only include Weihrauch, Brocock and Daystate air rifles I seriously hope it will assist my efficiency as the stock availability for most of these guns is very good. I also bring in MTC scopes to run alongside my Hawke scopes that have proven popular over the last few years.

So expect some interesting times ahead as I move forward tuning these Daystate, Brocock and Weihrauch PCP air rifles.

Author: Ian McIntosh

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