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Blog #22 Quotes for Air Rifles.

I am getting a large number of requests for quotes for the Brocock Compatto, Weihrauch HW100, Daystate PCPs, MTC Scopes and Accessories. All very nice but a lot of them are tyre kickers and this effectively wastes a lot of my time, so much so, that it is impacting on my ability to process my workload effectively.

Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto

To get around this I will be posting a large number of generic quotes online alongside the products to hopefully weed out time wasters.  The process will be quite easy, select a quote that is nearest to what you have in mind and email me the quote number and what changes you wish if any. This will speed up my replies and hopefully allow me more time in the business.


Here again I am having issues with people placing orders and then not paying for the products as quote; “my gearbox packed up on the weekend….”unquote. There appears to be a lot of gearbox problems out there.

As from herein, I am going to ask for payment with order and take it from there. I have too many air rifles, scopes and accessories here that have not been paid for and it needs to stop.

Orders for small parts.

This is a part of the air rifle business that is a real pain in the arse for customers and myself alike. So you readers understand, a number of my suppliers only discount me when my order is over $500 in some cases  (air rifle tuning accessories) and US$2,000 in others such as scopes. So I do not order until I can cover the minimum order required and that sometimes takes a couple of months.

That is correct, I sit on some orders until I can meet the minimum requirement for a discount. That way I can supply you the parts at what you would buy them for in the country of origin plus the freight. If I have to buy the parts without the discount level, I pay through the nose for them and I have to put on a handling % on top, plus freight and 10% GST. This makes the parts very expensive and so I hold off until I have sufficient numbers to place the order.


This is a REAL problem when coming from the USA as some suppliers won’t send anything unless it is with Fed-Ex or DHL, whatever. This is then sent as a minimum cost, that is usually around US$56, so ordering small cheap parts such as replacement bits for an air rifle, costs become a real issue.

Having had a leather washer for a springer listed as US$3.40 sent to me at a cost of US$56 + US$3.40 = US$59.40 which is AUD$80.00 thereabouts at my cost, you can see where I am going with this.

To overcome this I only get a minimal number of parts and accessories from the USA unless I have to and then the customer will be advised of the overall cost and encouraged to source the parts themselves if in a rush.

Air Rifle Orders.

I am bringing in air rifles and large calibre PCPs from the USA and UK on special orders. That is, any PCP or air rifle that you want to bring in, I can generally procure for you, but, (there is always a “but”…) the rifles have to be paid in full with the order.

Why? Well I have 3 air rifles here now that I do not want, cannot sell and they have cost me money as the customers ordering never collected. Admittedly they put down 20% deposit which partially covered the freight and duties only and I had to pay the GST on top. One of the guys also had the dreaded “gearbox problem” virus….

Air Rifle Hunter

Hunter with a Brocock Compatto

Scope orders.

Scope orders for MTC or Hawke will require a deposit only and the scope order will accompany my stock order that goes out every 2 months or so, quite often sooner. So you know what Scopes I carry, here is the list :

Sidewinder 30 SF
Hawke Sidewinder Scope 3-12 x 50 (10x 1/2 Mil Dot) IR and Sunshade
Hawke Sidewinder Scope 6-24×56 (20x 1/2 Mil Dot) IR and Sunshade
Hawke Sidewinder ED 10-50×60
Sidewinder Tac 30
Hawke Sidewinder Scope Tac 30 6.5-20×42 (20 x 1/2 Mil Dot)
Hawke Sidewinder Scope Tac 30 8.5-25×42 (20 x 1/2 Mil Dot)
Airmax 30SF
Hawke Airmax 30SF Scope  3-12×50 (AMX IR)
Hawke Airmax 30SF Scope  6-24×50 (AMX IR)
Hawke Airmax Scope 3-9×40 AO (AMX)
Hawke Airmax Scope 4-12×40 AO (AMX)
Hawke Airmax Scope 4-12×50 AO (AMX)
MTC Scopes
MTC Mamba-Pro 3-18×50
MTC Mamba-Pro 5-30×50
MTC Viper-Pro 3-18×50
MTC Viper-Pro 5-30×50
Genesis LR Black 5-20x 50 AMD
Genesis UL 3-9×40


The following are ‘Order in’ only:

Viper Connect 3-12X32 AMD
Viper Connect 3-12X32 SCB2
Viper Connect SL 3-12×24 AMD
Blue-print Silver Mounts 30mm High
Optisan EVX 3-12X44i (mil) MH10X
Optisan EVX 4-16x44i (MIL MH10)
Optisan EVX 4-16X44F1 (mil) FFPMH16
Optisan EVX 5-20X50i (mil) MH10 X
Optisan EVX 6-24X56i (mil) MH10X
Optisan EVX 6-24X50F1 (MIL FMH24)


At the time of writing this, 27/11/2016, the very popular Viper Pro 5-30×50 is out of stock in the UK until mid December. I have an order pending.

MTC will have the Viper-Pro 2 available soon and I am hopefully bringing in several side focus scopes with ED lenses at prices under the curret Hawke 10-50×60 Sidewinder. I will be putting them up on the Homepage as soon as they are available.

MTC Viper-Pro Scope

MTC Viper-Pro 5-30×50 Scope

Air Rifle Pellets.

Getting supplies of pellets is becoming increasingly unreliable to the extent that I am bringing in some from the UK and some from the USA. Prices will reflect the airfreight as you can imagine but at least I should have stocks of some ‘hard to get’ pellets.

Sample Pellet Packs.

Guys, these little $3.00 – $3.50 packs of pellets I do as samples have been discontinued due to time restraints, getting the stock and the static I have been getting when unable to supply the samples in a timely manner. Those of you who have ordered sample pellet packs I will get them out as soon as is possible between other pressing issues here on a daily basis.

Compatto Enquiries.

Since taking on Brocock I have been inundated with enquiries for the Brocock Compatto. I have a .25 cal left and more in the air as I write this. Those of you who are sitting on the fence wondering whether to buy a Compatto or not, you need to get back to me like now as this order is mostly sold with only a few .22 and a .177 left.

I have another order to go out but these will have a slight price rise due to currency or Xmas freight rises, I am not sure which it is but it is not me.


The Daystate Wolverine will be available in early January in .303 calibre for those of you who like big bore PCPs. I think that most if not all of the Daystates will be available early in the New Year.

Daystate Wolverine 303

Daystate Wolverine 303

I would like to hear from any of you who are thinking of a Daystate as they have quite a few models and I am currently at a loss as to what the Australian market is looking for. Talk to me.

Weihrauch HW100 PCPs.

At present I have a number of Weihrauch HW100T and HW100TK in laminate and Walnut, all .22 and at pre-October Price rise. I will do some deals on these to reduce the number I have on the rack.

Weihrauch HW100T Laminated

Weihrauch HW100T Laminate

Outstanding Orders.

If you have placed an order with me over the last couple of weeks (or months…???) for small parts or accessories and they have not arrived, please contact me as I know some orders have fallen through the cracks here, my apologies. Following the Perth Shot Show and the introduction of the Compattos and MTC lines, I have been hammered daily with phone calls, texts, emails and walk-ins to the point I have just about lost the plot. Hopefully as Xmas comes around the pressure will reduce somewhat enabling me to get ahead and possibly allow me time to tidy up my website and finish testing some rifles.


As you will see over the next few weeks, I am dropping Evanix, SPA, Cometa and AirForce PCPs to make way for Brocock, Daystate and Weihrauch. Should you want one of these discontiued lines, please contact me as I am bringing in rifles from overseas on a regular basis.

But for now, my emphasis will be on the Brocock Compatto, Daystate, Weihrauch and MTC with my reduced line of Hawke scopes.

Author: Ian McIntosh November 2016

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