Those of you who follow my site know we now sell the Brocock Compatto and Daystate PCPs and MTC Scopes (except the Optisan range). I have started loading Package Deals to my website to assist you guys in getting a ball park price immediately and this will include the Brocock and Daystate PCPs as soon as I have final pricing. Presently I only have the Weihrauch and Cometa pricing for package deals that I am adding to nearly daily. The Brococks should be in stock by the time you read this so expect to see them listed as packages with MTC and Hawke scopes.

Modifying the Compatto to meet Police Regulations.

The Brocock Compatto comes with a shrouded barrel and a consequently quieter shot report that makes it illegal to import into Australia. This has resulted in me getting the Brocock air rifles sent with Shrouds removed to get them through Customs.

The next step is to refit a modified shroud and fit an air stripper so as not to reduce the noise but to also assist in tuning and to reduce barrel harmonics due to their limited barrel wall dimensions. With this done I then have to get the Police to inspect the prototype and test fire it for noise prior to me selling them across Australia. With all the delays I have experienced in just getting them to issue a B709A, the pressure will be on to get an early approval permit, trust me there.

Brocock-CompattoI am looking at mounting a fixed Race Brake to the barrel so as to support the shroud with the option of an adjustable Air-Stripper being fitted made by Rowan Engineering in the UK. The Compattos will be the only model from Brocock that will be imported at this point of time and they will be available in .177, .22 and .25 calibres.

The Daystate PCP air rifles that are currently being built for Gun Room will also be shipped without Silencers and without Shrouds. This will result in a similar exercise to that of the Brocock Compattos.

Daystate-GriffinTesting the Brocock Compattos and Daystate.

As we will be wholesaling the Brocock Compatto and Daystate PCPs Australia wide as well as retailing them, we are going to TEST every one of these PCPs prior to shipment and issue each air rifle with Chronograph results and Target scans similar to this Per-Delivery Test below from a Weihrauch HW100 in .177. This testing will apply immediately to ALL Compattos and Daystate from here in.

Sample Pre-Delivery Test using real results but generic rifle information.

Gun-Room-Pre-Delivery-FormThis will reduce any likelihood of warranty claims and it will insure the buyer that their new rifle is capable of the performance demonstrated in the Pre-Delivery Test Sheet. Test sheets will also go out with all guns sold to the trade and whether or not these are passed on to the customer is up to the Dealer.

Testing other Air Rifles and PCPs.

The basic springers like the HW50 and entry level PCPs like the Orion will have a basic pre-delivery done that will be the subject of another Blog. The basic pre-delivery will only record 1 Target, one pellet type (6-10 shots after sighting in) and come in a similar report, be it a scaled down one due to overall cost of testing versus overall costs.

The more expensive PCPs like the AirForce Condor, Weihrauch HW100 and the Evanix Blizzard, will be subject to this pre-delivery testing (as above image) shortly as new testing software being written becomes available that will speed up the resulting tests. By December 2016 you will not be able to purchase an air rifle, be it springer or PCP, from Gun Room that does not have a Pre-Delivery Test Report. This is the only way I can guarantee that you get an airgun that is correctly tested and meets a minimum standard that has been set through averaging of previous rifles. It will save me time in the long run discussing pellet and power issues to guys who have opted not to have a Pellet Selection Test or guys who purchased their guns elsewhere. We are trying to provide a service like no other dealer but not go broke in the process.

Tuning PCP and Spring Air Rifles.

As we have time we are sourcing testing equipment for PCPs that will allow us to modify and service the brands we sell at a competitive rate. You will see in the coming months that we will be putting up more information on PCPs than Springers as the market is moving into this area quite strongly.

Air Rifle Tuning of both PCPs and Springers is a large part of what we do and achieving a positive outcome requires a lot of time and testing. To this end we have invested significantly in tooling and test equipment that can speed up the process while guaranteeing accurate results.

This will include custom stocks that are more easily accepted into the PCP arena, as the higher pricing tends to absorb the ‘shock’ of what these stocks actually cost. Those of you who come to the Perth Shot Show in October will see several custom stocks fitted to PCPs.


Those of you who have conditionally “ordered” a Brocock Compatto, please get back to me ASAP by email. Please do NOT text or call me as my phone rings constantly and that is the surest way I know that I will forget you until it is too late. I will price the first 15 Compattos discounted to get them into the market place and this will also apply to the MTC range of Scopes, being the Genesis, Viper Pro and Mamba Pro.

MTC Viper Pro end view

MTC Viper Pro end view

MTC-Viper-Pro-Turret-ViewSo guys, this first order of Brocock Compatto PCP air rifles is not expected to go into stock, rather they will be pre-sold by the time the testing has been approved by the Police. So if you are in the market for a Brocock Compatto air rifle, I seriously suggest that you email me to secure an early purchase.

Author: Ian McIntosh September 2016

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