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Blog #15 Gun Room Updates

After my progression to a new software accounting and stock control package things are moving quite a bit more effectively giving me more time on this Gun Room website and marketing. I am moving forward in the following areas that you may need to consider when placing orders.

New Air Rifles.

I am getting a constant stream of calls from guys who have purchased their air rifles from other dealers and have issues with accuracy, pellet selection, ‘twang’, trigger and scope/gun suitability packages. The problem here is I do not have the time to sort out other dealer’s problems, though I do sympathise with the customer. Our work schedule is full at present with Gun Room customers where we are tuning and doing air rifle Pellet Selection testing full time.

These problems that guys are having has prompted me to test fire every air rifle prior to it leaving here to insure the air rifle meets a standard set by us so that you don’t have the same problems. This testing applies to EVERY air rifle sold through Gun Room as of May, 2016.

Please note that the testing sequence is where we shoot a variety of pellets into a target until we get a specific grouping. We will then nominate the pellet that has achieved this grouping and include the target with the rifle we send out.

Note: This is NOT a Pellet Selection Test per se, as we only test a few air rifle pellets and that ceases the moment a pellet reaches a grouping parameter we have set. It is therefore very possible, in fact most likely, that there are better performing air rifle pellets than what Gun Room has tested the air gun with. We do not shoot through a Chronograph in this test sequence.

Only a Gun Room Pellet Selection Test will determine a better preforming pellet and supply you with the Chronograph test results including pellet energy, speed in fps, extreme spread, average speed, highest and lowest speeds and standard deviation in a spread sheet and graphs. Targets are also included.

Hawke and Leapers Scopes.

Those of you who take the time to read these blogs will know that Gun Room now stocks Leapers scopes as well as Hawke. What you do not know is that all scopes sold after May, 2016, will include Leapers UTG scope rings within the price, that includes both Leapers and Hawke scopes. Those of you who select another brand or style of scope ring can do so and only pay 50% for your choice of scope ring in a swapping out process. The prices between Hawke and Leapers have been adjusted to take into account that Leapers come with Weaver mounts included that I will swap out to 11mm Leapers UTG Mounts if required.

Leapers UTG Scope Mounts

Leapers UTG Scope Mounts

When buying a new air rifle we will test fire the gun using your new scope – in the past all testing has been done with a shop scope that we use every day.

New Pellet Stock from the USA.

I am now buying in some new air rifles and a range of different air rifle pellets from the USA as I am having difficulty getting supplied by some wholesalers here is Australia, as I am, quote, “a backyard dealer…”. I just love that. These are probably the same people who advocate that we should “buy Australian”, well, I have tried that and with the exception of a few wholesalers here, I keep getting snubbed.

My Gun Room air rifle pellets selection is due to grow with the introduction of an additional 40+ types of pellets giving us quite a comprehensive range: that should benefit you guys having problems sourcing pellets. That said, if any of you guys are after specific air rifle pellets please email me and I will happily add it to the order going in shortly.

Predator Polymag Pellets

PolyMag Pellets

EunJin Pellets

EunJin Pellets

New PCPs from the USA.

I am still having a few dramas getting confirmation from the Police that they will issue the required B709s for the PCPs I want to import into Gun Room stock. Going to a lawyer later this week (18/4/16) to see what can be done…. As Fraser once said, “life wasn’t meant to be easy…”, well he wasn’t effing kidding but I don’t think it was meant to be this hard.

When I eventually get these PCPs from the States we will have calibres all the way up to .45 cal and possibly .50 cal plus the ammo to go with them. For those of you considering getting a new PCP that I have listed in Blog #9 please get in touch with me so I can get an idea of the numbers. I am not asking you to palace an order, just an “interest” so I can sort out demand and numbers. If you are looking for a specific air rifle or PCP then take a look at AirVenturi online and if you see something there, please get back to me.

Here is another PCP in .25 cal that I have ordered along with the air rifles in Blog #9.

Hatsan Galation PCP air rifle

Hatsan Galation courtesy of AirVenturi

On site pricing.

Well I am finally getting around to putting prices and descriptions on products on the Gun Room website, starting with .177 calibre pellets. I will also be adding images, descriptions and prices for products that were only listed in my Price List. Hopefully within 4 weeks or so, the Gun Room website should have everything priced and described plus a bunch of new products.

Author: Ian McIntosh April 2016

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