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October Newsletter 2014-10-15

Hi Guys,

This is an interim newsletter to cover a couple of topics that could well be of interest to you.

Weihrauch HW77 and HW77K.

After over a year or so of waiting I now have confirmation that Weihrauch are sending my back-
orders over by air at the end of this month in time for the Perth Gun Show. I have both the HW77
and the HW77K coming over in 20 cal and 25 cal in both blue and nickel (HW77k). That will give
me all 4 calibres in stock and available in any fit-up you want from Green Laminate to Synthetic


Yup, that’s right, the carbine version of the HW100 is finally coming into the country again. I have 9
units coming here, 8 in .22 cal and 1 in .177, so if any of you are interested please contact me as
soon as because I have already taken orders. For those of you getting this newsletter I am giving
you the heads up first before I post the models on my website.


Steve Pope is going on holiday shortly and so for 6 weeks or thereabouts this is going to mean
more delays on Tuning kits, Race Brakes, Loading Grips, Safety Catches and allied accessories till
after Xmas. So if anyone reading this feels they will require a V-Mach accessory within the next 3
months please sing out. I do have a bunch of Race Brakes, Loading Grips, Safeties and Tuning kits in
stock but expect them to run out within a month, though I do have another order coming
from V-Mach.
Due to the delays in obtaining Race Brakes and Loading Grips, they are now available only with a
new rifle purchase from here on in. Quite simply guys, I have HAD newly purchased rifles sitting
here for weeks waiting for Race Brakes and Grips to come in, when these new rifles could have
been turned around had I not sold Race Brakes and Grips to guys that purchased their rifles
elsewhere. So now I am putting more emphasis on those guys who actually buy their rifles from me
by limiting access to just the Race Brakes and Grips.

I think you guys need to know that the Police over there (Eastern States) are not real big on the Race
Brakes or Shrouds, even the ‘Through Barrel’ shroud we have made. I believe they are calling them
“incomplete silencers” which by definition means that if you can’t describe it accurately, then
introduce a new term that has sinister connotations to allow you to massage into some legislation.

V-Mach has a limited production run on these accessories and I often have to wait for weeks and
weeks while Steve makes them as I am not his only customer. Tuning kits are another matter, I
have plenty of them in stock in both FAC and 12 Ft Lb.

I also have other after market accessories from different suppliers such as Triggers, Trigger Guards,
Air Strippers and so on coming into stock over the next few weeks. Once here, I shall photograph
these accessories and offer them to you as subscribers first prior to going online.

Spare Parts and Accessories.

In the past I have been buying in spare parts for air rifles other than Weihrauch but that is now
history as I am only dealing with Weihrauch Air Rifles. For those customers of mine who also have
other makes of Air Rifles being BSA, Air Arms, FX, Vostok etc., then it’s business as usual as this
only applies to new customers.

Why? For one, I am getting tired of being roasted because certain parts have not arrived on time or
are too expensive. Facts are this, Air Rifle parts ARE expensive, difficult to find and take weeks to
get here in many cases, not all admittedly, but many. Then there is the high cost when it is
procured in the UK, with their British Pound having an exchange rate of 1.81 and rising as our
Dollar drops.

This has resulted in me getting in parts that the customer has then refused to pay for because they
believe them to be too expensive and to top it off, I had procured the parts for cost to try and cap
the final cost to the customer. Another lesson learnt.

Costs of doing Business.

I have been selling guns for 10 years now and only 6 months ago decided to specialize
in Weihrauch Air Rifles. As part of my due diligence however, I contacted several high profile
business people who in the past have sold Air Rifles in Australia to get a handle on why they quit.

The key reason was they were making no money and by that I mean they were having trouble
surviving financially due to undercutting that goes on in this industry and lack of support from
customers. Further to that, they felt that too much time was spent researching and giving
information to prospective customers who then purchased elsewhere. Lastly, procurement of
accessories, spare parts and even Air Rifles was difficult and burnt up time and resources for very
little return.

My Website Business.

Although I have traded for 10 years or so, I found that it was necessary to specialise in a particular
product so as to be competitive in pricing and service. I was into Smith & Wesson but getting them
was proving extremely difficult and time consuming so the focus then switched to Weihrauch Air
Rifles. The transition has been quite good and has allowed me to quit a large volume of stock, be it
at a loss, but quit it none the less. So now it is purely Weihrauch and when I finally offload the
Cometa Air Rifles that will be the only product on my site as long as I can stay afloat financially.

As everyone reading this knows, Gun Shops in the main have very little interest or knowledge base
about air rifles and a lot of them prefer not to get involved. This in turn has seen a number of these
shops selling air rifles for cost, with the only advantage I can see, is in increasing cash flow for them
and possibly selling a scope in the mix. They can do this because they do not carry stock and rely
on getting the rifles from the wholesalers as they need them.

For me to sell at cost is not an option as this Air Rifle Website is my only income. Furthermore, I am
physically isolated from the Eastern States where 95% of my customer base resides. Add to this the
freight charges from the wholesalers to Perth and my pricing is already at a disadvantage. Yanchep
is 60 klicks north of Perth and I have to drive into Perth to pick it up which results in a 3 – 4 hour
turnaround depending on traffic plus the costs of fuel (I drive a tricked up F250). I do this because
the freight charges from Perth to Yanchep are higher than from Melbourne to Perth, go figure.

Then there is the issue of stock. I carry every Weihrauch Air Rifle bought into Australia and as you
will see on my website by the end of October, I have a lot of stock that also covers all the available
calibres bought into Australia. My stock also includes several HW77K’s which I have tuned ready to
go to save time, complete with Race Brakes, Resettable Safety Catches and Loading Grips (see the
initial images on my Products pages). I have other stock that is not listed or shown on my website
as I have not had time to photograph these items, all of which are 100% dedicated to Weihrauch
and Air Rifles in general.

Because I work from home my running costs are limited and as I do not employ anyone directly,
costs are kept at a minimum. However, I do have a website that costs money to host, service and do
constant SEO on it and for that I have a team in the Philippines that does cost money. I also have
monitored security, regular accounting services and that of a book-keeper too, so there are costs
involved, I am not skating for free.

As for availability, I am here 24/7 though my damn cell phone has a dicky ringer and I quite often
miss calls because the ringer turns itself off – Samsung 4. Anyway, Saturdays and Sundays are quite
busy with me averaging 3 hours on a Saturday and 5 hours on the phone Sundays answering calls,
giving advice and chatting with customers in general.

I shoot every Weihrauch I sell just in case there is an issue and I am heavily involved in Tuning
Weihrauchs to the extent that I am building a database of pellets/ speeds/energies/groups etc., etc.
How I am going to share this with you is another question but I am working on it. All this is to try
and provide a service to the air rifle fraternity in hope for their support.

Loyalty Program.

While I am constantly in touch with sales and the fact that some of my pricing is above some of the
cut-price dealers as explained above, I am in the process of offsetting costs to my loyal customers.
To do this I am setting up a discount regime in my software that will recognise my customers
based on their purchases and will discount certain products to them.

Where I can marginalise prices is with Tuning (labour) and stock building when my new stock
building machine gets here in February. Then those of you that have supported me will benefit by
not only getting stocks discounted but by getting in on the front of the queue.

I will be marketing 3 of my own stocks and will also duplicate stocks for those of you who want
either a specific timber stock or a laminate in your colour choice from 8 different coloured
laminates. So if you have a HW100T for example and you want a black/white/grey laminate (for
example), then send me the stock only and I can reproduce it.

Here is the GR1 Stock that is yet to receive a triangular slot at the from of the stock and a tapered
25mm channel from the trigger guard forward towards the front locating screws. It will come with
an optional adjustable cheek rest, shoulder plate and hamster.

















I will be able to reproduce any stock to 90% finished whereby you do the final sanding of the stock
(but the inletting will be done 100%) or completely finished, sanded, sealed and glass bedded, your

Ordering and Quotes.

Guys, please FOLLOW UP with an email if you txt or call me on the phone about a price, availability
or other enquiry as managing my phone texts is a nightmare. I get 30 texts a day with probably as
many phone calls, so expecting me to remember something we have discussed is wishful thinking,
trust me. L I haven’t quite got Alzheimer’s but you need to understand that 80% of my inquiries
are for the same things, namely HW77’s, HW100’s, Pellets or Hawke Scopes, and if your name
is Pete, Jim, Dave or John, that is not enough as I have probably 20 guys with those same names. LoL.

Unfortunately I also get a lot of ‘tire kickers’ who rely on me to give them information or research
something for them and that is the last I hear from them. It is one of my biggest wastes of time but
as in all things, you need to take the good with the bad.

While I am on the subject, I had someone text me or call me about a Hawke Airmax 30 if I had
stocks of these. If you are the guy who contacted me then please email me and I will get back to you.
I do have some in stock FYI.

As for Hawke Scopes, I am selling them at a rate of knots presently whereby I have placed 3 stock
orders a week apart. My stock levels are very fluid and I have stock ‘en-route’ from the UK
constantly of late, so please bear with me if you are after something not in my usual stock list. If
that happens I can always lend you a scope to get you through till your order arrives, no bigee.

Email attachments.

I have had several people complain that they couldn’t find my invoices that I emailed, in fact one
guy even returned the Tuning Kit because he was pissed that he couldn’t find the attachment.

Well if you look at the bottom left (usually) of your emails you will find the attachment(s).
However, what is confusing people is when there emails have gone too and fro a few times and
there is a Thread of quite a number of emails. Then I am afraid you need to scroll to the very
bottom of ALL the emails and that is sometimes several pages, to find the attachment.

Not my favourite email program and I aim to move it shortly to my Mac Mail program once I can
figure out how to do it without losing 6 months of emails and contacts.

Air Rifle Reviews.

I am posting a review of the HW25 shortly followed by the HW30s. Please look at the format I am
using to review these air rifles and if there is something else you would like to see added or
changed, please GET BACK TO ME as I rely on feedback to make this a better website.

If the format for the HW25 and HW30s is complete enough for you then I will post reviews on each
of the other Weihrauch models a week or two apart, including tuned Air Rifles, Pellets and Scopes
using the same format. I also have plans to do some videos on these rifles that I will add in at a later

Author: Ian McIntosh