Ian McIntosh


My name is Ian McIntosh as you are no doubt aware having landed on this page. I live 60 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia near the beach in Yanchep with my 2 dogs. My interests are photography, fishing and boating, 4×4 off-road activities, travel and movies.  Here is the view from my office door and as you can imagine, life is tough 🙂


Having owned an air rifle since I was 7 years old (1957) living in Kenya, I feel more than qualified and experienced to specialize in them rather than rifles in general. Weihrauch was initially chosen over others due to the superb quality and fairly extensive range with supporting air pistols and .22 rim fire rifles. Now however, I carry Daystate and Brocock air rifles out of the UK along with MTC Scopes.

My main hurdle is FREIGHT from the Eastern States, the UK and USA. I pick up my freight from Perth as it costs as much from Perth to Yanchep and it does from Victoria to Perth – I probably should be in the freighting game and not guns…. So when looking at my Price List you may see some prices jumping around and that is because of the freight factor which is beyond my control. 🙁

My freight costs back to the Eastern States is very competitive unlike the other way around. Those of you buying guns from me in the eastern states will be assured that I am constantly looking at the shipping costs and ways to reduce them.

Those of you who buy through me will get my support to the max as I need your custom to stay in business and I thank you now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Author: Ian McIntosh