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The changing landscape of Air Rifles at Gun Room

Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to spring air rifles and PCPs where we at Gun Room actually enjoy serving you air gun enthusiasts. From my humble beginnings in 2007 where I only handled Weihrauch air rifles on a dodgy at best website, the journey has taken me to where we are today, representing some of the biggest names in air guns, Daystate and Brocock.

I now have received my Gun Dealers licence for Queensland after more than 6 months dicking around while my bank account haemorrhaged by the month. Being a predominantly air rifle dealer, I would have thought they would cut me some slack but that was not to be. Anyway guys, I will be setting up shop for the month of October, 2017, and hopefully be fully operational by November. Those of you with guns on order I will do my best to get them out ASAP and service anyone else who is after some products, just don’t mind the mess…..

Gun Room in the Present

It has been a long journey guys and at times I nearly chucked it in as I faced various family and financial hurdles along the way. Moving to Yanchep, 65 klicks north of Perth was only “temporary” at best, but now 4 years on and I am leaving for Brisbane, Queensland, where I have premises at 9/32 Spine St, Sumner, 4074, just 15 minutes out of Brisbane CBD.

The shop is one of 10 units on Spine street, with a Snack Bar at the end, next to that is a Brewery, a few doors down is Abbey Archery and a few more doors there is Gun Room. Then across the road there is a Brothel all within 80 metres, doesn’t get much better than that guys, does it? Hence the term, “Location, Location, Location”, never knew what they meant until now, LoL.

All jokes aside though, the transition from being a gun dealer in West Australia (WA) to becoming a gun dealer in Queensland (Qld) is anything but easy. Before anything can proceed you must have a residence in Qld and you need to prove to the City of Brisbane that you also have a shop or unit etc. Once you have jumped these two hurdles you apply to the City of Brisbane for coding approval (that we received thankfully) – if that was not forthcoming then you would be neck deep in it as you must put up thousands of dollars to secure the lease to begin with.

Next comes the Qld Police which I was told before I started this, that they were difficult. Damn, if ever an understatement came my way that was it – “difficult”. Apparently, there is only one guy handling dealer applications and he is “by the book” and totally unprepared to make any exceptions to my application given that I am already a gun dealer of eleven years standing. It is a case of “you must apply on line” and get a case number before I will look at it.

Problem here is that the on-line application will not accept my files as I think that the Government website recognises my IP address as not being in Qld. After emails go unanswered I sent the whole package to Weapons Licensing complete with a Thumb drive of files (that I couldn’t upload). I have written to Weapons Licensing more than a few times and I find it difficult walking the thin line between pissing them off and getting offside or sitting on my hands and waiting in the hope that somebody remembers I am here.

All this time I am paying rent on a shop I am not using, burning money by the day and trying to stay polite as I’m slowly going down the crapper (metaphorically speaking). No wonder Australian businesses go offshore as Government Bureaucracy is difficult at best, contradictory more often than not and written by clowns who do not understand small business let alone the Gun ownership environment. This then makes it all too easy for public servants to effectively bury their heads in the “legislation” (or their interpretation of it…) rather than make a judgemental decision based on common sense, their experience or intellect. I apologise now if my interpretation bends anyone out of shape but these delays are putting my livelihood on the line. Best move on now….

Air Rifle Accessories

My Container in Yanchep with cameras, PIRs, tremblers etc, that is NOT allowed under any circumstances in Qld as it is not as secure as a 10-rifle rack with a security bar across the rifles. Duh???

Daystate PCP air rifles

In 2016 Daystate UK gave me a Wholesaler’s Dealership along with Brocock PCPs and MTC optics and this merger of agencies transposed my business overnight. I now stock the Huntsman, Griffin, Air Ranger and Wolverine2. I import and sell Pulsars over East but get this, I can sell them out of WA but am not allowed to stock them! This country gets better every day.

Luckily, if I ever get to Brisbane, I can stock bullpups in Qld and this will see the Pulsars in standard and High-Power mode along with Renegade bullpups on my shelves. By the time you have read this I should also have the Tsar Target rifles in stock too.

Daystate Pulsar

Daystate Pulsar in Grey Laminate

Daystate Tsar

Daystate Tsar Target Rifle

Brocock PCPs.

I had to appeal a ruling that was going to stop me importing Brococks because someone didn’t like the look of them as they looked ‘too military’ and furthermore, they were viewed as a Bullpup. These are all still air rifles at the end of the day, not .308s or .338 Lapua Magnums! That hurdle was jumped as the appeal saw it my way and I now stock and sell Brococks, namely the Compatto where there is a huge demand. The Brocock Bantam is also getting quite well received here and sales are climbing.

On the wholesale front, the Compatto is my best-selling PCP and across the counter it is fast becoming my best seller. Great air gun at a great price, simple.

Brocock Compatto

Brocock Compatto

MTC optics

MTC scopes came along with Daystate and Brocock with my range being limited to the Mamba and Viper Pro series together with Genesis and Viper Connect. The Viper Pro outsells all the others put together and is a serious contestant for Hawke Sidewinders of the same power.

Sporting a geared turret and the ability to re-label your turret bands into metres (or feet, whatever) this scope has immense potential. Sales are now beginning to move in the wholesale side as businesses are now getting asked directly to supply the Viper Pro scopes

Viper Pro

MTC Viper Pro


Gun Room has been supplied by Alcock & Pierce with Weihrauch for around 11 years now, through thick and thin they have supplied me as it wasn’t all easy, trust me. Hence, I have a loyalty to Weihrauch as they do make some great air rifles, namely the HW100 series that although is a bit long in the tooth, it is a formidable weapon if you tune it. Very hard to beat.

Weihrauch HW100KT with Air Stripper

Weihrauch HW100T

The Weihrauch springers are also popular but I see them taking a hit to the cheaper springers that are now flooding the market. This should not detract you from considering a Weihrauch Springer as I do a substantial amount of tuning of these air guns using Vortek kits and some customised engineering to make them very competitive. Definitely worth considering as they also attract a better price when it comes to selling them.

Testing and Tuning Air Rifles.

Once I finally get into Spine street, I will have the time and space to devote more time to tuning and testing than at present as I am stretched too tight here on my own.

I have switched to Vortek Tuning kits from the USA as they have been giving me impressive results in springers as they are very quiet and give a consistent shot speed. Rowan Engineering still provides me with PCP and Scope accessories and though while they are considered expensive by some, you cannot deny their exceptional quality.

Air Rifle Accessories

Tuning Accessories

Presently my Yanchep testing station is outside and being right on the ocean, is subjected to inclement weather on a regular basis and sea breezes that can maintain 40 klicks an hour with regular monotony. This screws with our new gun testing to the max and I find myself behind and struggling more times than not.  Our gun testing is done on ALL the guns we sell and with the poor weather we invariably must delay sending a rifle as it has yet to be tested. Go to Blog #23 for test procedure.

The new premises will (hopefully) speed up our testing and tuning as we will be shooting indoors on a 20-metre range into a SIUS Olympic 25/50 paperless target and scoring system.


Those of you who have put up with my lapse in service the last few years will be happy to hear that there will be three of us at Gun Room and not just me. Another plus is that we will be on NBN which just has to be better than what I have here in Yanchep that stops dead when it rains and spends more time dropping out than running at 3 Mps if I am lucky. I am on a first name basis with the Telstra Technicians who have their hands tied to a degree as Yanchep is an old suburb and doesn’t qualify (yet) for upgrading. That will explain why I now have seven, yes, 7 Modems all that were given to me to “fix” the problem. Sound familiar? I didn’t realise that the modems got wet when it rained.

My partner Dusanka, will be doing the office duties that I find all too time consuming. Then there’s my niece, Jane, who will be testing the air rifles and assisting with the website photography, so I can get on and do the tuning. On top of that I have a bunch of customers who are now good friends willing to help when needed, doesn’t get better than that either.

Well thank you for reading this far and having done so, I guess you see that I call a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’ and that doesn’t just apply to officialdom but to products as well. Those of you who know me well will notice that I have dropped several brands of air rifles over the last few years: not because they were poor performers but because I could not get service from the wholesaler representing them.

In the coming months, should I get into my shop at Spine st, we will be doing You Tube videos on new and existing products where I will tell it as it is….hmmmm. So, stay with me please guys and if you are looking for a product that we sell, be it Daystate, Brocock, Ataman, Weihrauch, Cometa or MTC, I hope that Gun Room will give you the service and assistance that you need.

Ian McIntosh