Weihrauch HW97K and HW77K Update-Australia

Hi there, as you most likely know by now, Australian Customs have taken it upon themselves to
ban the import of the Weihrauch HW97K air rifles with the muzzle “shroud” fitted so it now
comes into the country as a HW77K at the time of writing this. Do not get confused with my term of
a “shroud” as I am NOT talking about a Shrouded Barrel, just the muzzle protrusion as shown in
this image below:

Original Weihrauch HW97 Air Rifle Shroud

Original HW97K Shroud

We have gone from this front end of a HW97K above to this one below (a Weihrauch
HW77K Front without the foresight) – definitely not the best look…. 🙁

New Weihrauch HW97 Air Rifle barrel fitting

Current HW77K

With regards to the HW97K muzzle brake, muzzle weight or muzzle shroud, whatever you want to
call it, it is really just a cosmetic shroud reminiscent of the silencers and brakes used in the UK. It
does NOT decrease the noise level according to Alcock & PierceAlcock & Pierce who have conducted tests with and
without the shroud on the air rifles they have tested. They have lodged their findings with the
Customs Department to try and get the ruling reversed. In the meantime, we have the HW97K
imported as a Weihrauch HW77K without foresights looking like crap. Thank you Customs Dept.

The HW97K versus HW77K

The HW77K has been less popular than the HW97K series, with my sale at least. The 2 main differences between the HW97K and the HW77K are the muzzle shroud fitted to the HW97K and not the HW77K, and the extra 100mm barrel length of the 77K. The mechanics are the same, identical springs, pistons, chambers, seals and trigger groups, just the barrel length and shroud is all that separates the two models.

A Weihrauch 97K “work around”

For those of you who definitely want the ‘old’ look of the Weihrauch HW97K, be advised that I have
some after market Muzzle Race Brakes made for me by V-Mach to cater for the demand and just
basically increase the cosmetic value of an otherwise excellent air rifle.

These V-Mach Race Brakes are a lot sharper than your standard Weihrauch HW97K shroud and
come fitted with gas deflector having 3 slots over the top of the unit as per the images below.
Pretty neat.

I am supplying the Race Brakes at cost to those of you purchasing their Weihrauch air rifles from
me so as to keep the overall price down to a reasonable level. I can also offer the V-Mach Tuning Kit
fitted to your air rifle prior to shipping which is a worthwhile option that should be carefully
considered if you are an avid shooter. The V-Mach Tuning kit for the HW97K is the same for the
HW77K and as they are supplied as FAC units, where no loss of fps is experienced.

Another way to absorb the extra cost of the V-Mach Race Brake is to buy the Weihrauch HW77K
(ex HW97K) as a package with a Hawke Scope with the V-Mach Race Brake. I will definitely work
on a package price for those of you contemplating upgrading to the V-Mach option with a Hawke
scope in the mix.

Living in Yanchep, West Australia, has a great lifestyle advantage to the disadvantage of freight
from the Eastern States which is killing me with pricing. Hence the introduction of V-Mach, Hawke
Scopes and my laminated stocks in an effort to keep me competitively priced with those
dealers who do not hold stock (they buy from the wholesaler as needed…) and operate over East.

My intention is to provide customizing for your air rifle by way of after market accessories that will
not only improve the cosmetic value of your gun but help improve your accuracy too.

V-Mach Race Brake

I have in stock a customized line of V-Mach Race Brakes for the HW77K. These
units come with an air shredder that provides a gas relief downward pressure with no decrease in
sound level so it complies with Australian regulations.

To compliment the V-MachV-Mach Race Brake we also stock the cocking lever Grip that has no cut-away
like the image below the 2 V-Mach images.

So those of you wanting a HW97K with a Shroud can now purchase the HW77K with the V-Mach
Race Brake that will give the rifle a very similar appearance but with a practical element to it – the
Air Shredder.

As the mechanics of the HW77K and HW97K are exactly the same, you now have the added
advantage of 2 additional stocks by way of the High Comb ambidextrous wood stock and the
Special Edition (SE) versions originally available only with the HW77K.

So to clarify things, I can provide the HW77K (ex-HW97K) with the following stocks:

  1. Black Synthetic
  2. Wood Sporter
  3. Wood Thumbhole
  4. Blue Laminate
  5. Wood Sporter High Comb
  6. Green/Grey Laminate Sporter High Comb

I can provide ANY of the above stocks in Blued Steel or Stainless look (Nickel) and in .177 and .22
Calibres with .20 and .25 Calibres in limited supply. All these air rifles are in stock and can be fitted with the V-Mach Race Brake. Options also
include the Cocking Lever Grip, Resettable Safety Catch and Tuning Kit, all available ex-stock here
at Gunroom, Yanchep.

V-Mach Race Brake Angled View

V-Mach Race Brake Angled View

Race Brake Side View

V-Mach Race Brake Side View View

For those of you wanting to retro fit these Race Brakes yourselves, please contact me as I will be
doing a video on it that will guide you through the process. Having said that, you will need some
things like a Puller and some half decent tools as this is not a 5 minute job or a task for cowboys.

Below is the Loading Grip that we can supply to dress up your air rifle while giving it another
positive working benefit. It differs somewhat to the image below of the V-Mach Custom Race Brake
( that has a cut-away Loading Grip.

Custom Loading Grip

V-Mach Loading Grip Side View

Custom Loading Grip

V-Mach Loading Grip Side View

V-Mach Custom Race Brake.  (Image and all Rights Courtesy of

Custom Race Brake

V-Mach Custom Race Brake and Loading Grip

Laminated Stocks

The HW77 has been around for many years and represents an excellent air rifle by WeihrauchWeihrauch with
my only complaint being that it is a bit on the heavy side being that much larger. However, with the
extra barrel length you should get better grouping and a longer range, especially if fitted with a V-
Mach tuning kit. To give you an idea of the size differential, look at the image below that shows a
HW77SE next to a HW77KSE.

These 2 airguns have laminated stocks of exceptional finish and feel that needs to be seen to be
believed and are definitely a huge improvement overIam wor the standard wood stocks in my
opinion – I expect to get shot down now making bold statement like this… 🙂 So if you are not
familiar with laminated stocks I think you need to consider them as an option.

HW77SE and HW77KSE Air Rifles

HW77SE and HW77KSE side by side air rifles

Should you buy a Laminated air rifle from me you can rest assured that if you are not entirely
satisfied with it, just send it back and I will swap it for the stock of your choice. Doesn’t get easier
than that.

Summary of the Weihrauch HW97K aka HW77K

How long this ban on the old style Weihrauch HW97K is going to last is anyone’s guess, so in the
meantime I am offering the V-Mach Longer Race Brake as aftermarket options. As for the other
options in the Weihrauch HW97K/HW77K range, I can offer you stainless (nickel) or blued
mechanisms and I will also offer swapped stocks for those of you who may want a Laminated in the
stainless look. Whatever, just drop me a line and we can discuss the options available with the HW77K or any other of their air rifle range.

Author: Ian McIntosh