Welcome to Gunroom

Welcome to my Gun Room website in Yanchep, West Australia, where hopefully you can get the information you need on your air rifle if it is one that I am carrying or better still, buy it from me. When buying an air rifle from Gun Room you qualify for 6% discount on most accessory and scope purchases thereon. I am also available seven days a week if you should have a problem with your air rifle, just call me.

All warranty work on air rifles, scopes and accessories are handled directly here providing the purchase has originated at Gun Room.

Range of Air Rifles.

I carry both spring and PCP air rifles with my range shortly being extended with another 4 brands:
Sam Yang, Eun Jin, Benjamin, Hatsan.

I do not intend to cover the full range of each of these manufacturers, just those air rifles that have proven power and accuracy credentials that will fill the gaps in my existing range. The main thrust of our air rifle stock is to provide what we feel represents the best value for money to our given customer base, which is predominantly hunting and to a lesser degree target shooting.

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