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Hi guys, I am not one much into Petitions but if you are a gun owner, THIS YOU HAVE TO READ!

Once more the Law of the land is bending over a gun owner for protecting his family and as legal gun owners we need to start pulling together and getting counted. Please read the Petition at the top of the page and sign it guys, really… This is typical of Government, where they get some greenie pen pusher to write laws regarding gun ownership and it needs addressing. In this case, it is not David Dunstan that needs the rough end of a pineapple but the clowns that wrote this crap and got it into legislation.

Seriously guys, please help this guy by signing this petition.


Hi guys, as most of you are aware I have moved to Queensland where I now live in Bellbird Park, south-west of Brisbane. What you probably don’t know is that I have yet to get approval for a Firearm Dealer’s Licence from Weapons Licencing who want me to cancel my WA Firearm Dealer’s Licence before they will come to a decision. You got it, stop trading and risk losing sales, dealerships for air rifles, etc., while they look at my application with no guarantee of if or when. Not happening.

This has resulted in me flying back and forth to Brisbane numerous occasions in an attempt to satisfy the officer looking after my case. In doing so, I have not managed to keep pace with emails, orders, sales, gun testing, responding to queries and so on as I am stressed out of my tree.

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Advertise here for $60/Mth

Advertise here for $60/Mth

Clone 4D for Sale. Complete with additional tooling. has done very little work as I do not have time for it. You can duplicate stocks very easily. Asking Offers or Terms. Contact Ian on 0421 733 818

Clone 4D
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Gunroom – Australia’s Air Rifle Shop

Welcome to my Gunroom website.

The changing landscape of air rifles at Gunroom.

Thank you for visiting my website dedicated to spring air rifles and PCPs. We at Gunroom actually enjoy serving you air gun enthusiasts with a variety of quality PCP air rifles and pellets. From my humble beginnings in Perth in 2007, where I only handled Weihrauch air rifles on a dodgy at best website, the journey has taken me to where we are today, representing some of the biggest names in air guns, including Daystate and Brocock.

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Leading brands in precision rifles and pellets

Air rifles ensure quality accuracy designed for plinking, target shooting, hunting and pest control, used at much further distances. Our PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifles feature long range accuracy due to the use of high pressure compressed air as its power source.

Gunroom provides customers with expert knowledge and information regarding air rifles in Australia, and ensures that each customer is satisfied with their investment. We always test each and every rifle to ensure it’s up to standard, and if any problems arise in your purchase, we are happy to assess and repair the problem promptly.

The Gunroom range includes rifles from:

Each rifle is a personal decision and is completely dependent on your own interests and taste. I aim to speak to each customer and take time to discuss options and technical details so they are informed in their purchase.

Join the Australian community

I want to give my customers a personalised experienced when choosing the right air rifle. I am incredibly passionate about rifles myself and have developed a wealth of experience. This is reflected in my commitment to detail, testing each rifle and ensuring no question or query goes unanswered.

If you have any questions regarding air rifles and pellets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Gunroom. Call me on 0421 733 818. For all orders and quotes, please fill out an on-line form and myself or one of our team members will get back to you shortly.

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